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You know the deal. I’ve not only done a lot of product research to affirm why I bought all this gear in the first place but I’ve put all this equipment through the wringer. I would NOT recommend any of this if I didn’t know first-hand that it’s worth buying.

This is all literally gear that I play with regularly, so if you want to save some time shopping and also send me a little *tip* to show your appreciation, use the affiliate links below to get yourself ready to play better paintball!

HK Army 68/4500

I honestly don’t see the benefit in buying the super expensive tanks and regulators. This one works absolutely perfectly, it’s lightweight, and it even looks cool!

Ninja 45/4500

These are made in the USA, super lightweight, nearly the same length as a 68/4500, and it balances perfectly on my EMEK! I absolutely love this thing!

Virtue IR2

You have no idea how many higher-end hoppers I’ve turned down buying because nothing about them makes them perform better than this one. The IR2 is SO incredibly well-designed, lightweight, easy to clean, durable and it actually feeds pretty fast. I use it for both mech and 10.5 play. Can’t beat it!

Empire E-Flex

Don’t get me wrong, I love the proflex, but for the price you can’t beat how easy this lens is to change (easy cleaning!), the vents around the ear for excellent audio, and the legendary breathability of the proflex. The foam is actually TOO thick for my taste, so I actually recommend cutting it down (little at a time!) to improve fitment around the nose and visibility through the goggle (close your eyes are to the lens, the more you can see). Dollar-for-dollar: best mask in paintball!

CRBN Zero Pro Mask

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of the look of this mask, but the fact is, it’s the best mask in paintball. It’s incredibly light, super breathable, easiest lens change of any mask, and CRBN has the BEST selection of lens colors (including the Rose colored tint which is, in my opinion, the BEST color available). It’s expensive, no doubt, but if you want the best, this is it.

Rose C-SPEC Low Light Lens

Without writing a novel on why, Rose is my FAVORITE lens tint of all time. It makes reds and greens ‘pop’ really well, while preserving the clarity of light similar to a clear lens. In fact, your eyes adjust to Rose tint within seconds, making it appear as if you’re wearing no tint at all but with the added contrast and UV protection. If you want to see the field better than anyone else, here’s your chance.

DYE Performance Knee Pads

I found that these ran perfectly sized to the sizing chart they provide, so just make sure you measure twice, order once. Paintball pads are a mixed bag nowadays: too many sacrifice actual protection for “lighter”, “less bulky” designs. Uh, news flash, the weight and bulk are what protect your knees from the high impact forces of paintball! I’ve trusted DYE with my knees and elbows since they first started making pads and I’m STILL satisfied with their quality, so I hope you’ll put your trust (and your knees) in them as well.

Planet Eclipse Slide Shorts

I switched to these slide shorts this year because they’re WAY more breathable than other designs. They’re very stretchy, very light, and the padding is just the right amount without being overkill. You WILL want extra crotch protection, fyi, so be sure to consider the Shock Doctor that I recommend below 👀

The Shock Doctor

#iykyk. Lol

Seriously though I tested multiple cups and this cup is the BEST! But you HAVE to use the supporter with it. Wear it over some good boxer briefs, underneath your slide shorts and you’ll NEVER have to worry about getting shot in the 🥜

HK Army Hardline Gloves

I’ve taken a lot of shots to the hands and these have done an outstanding job of keeping my fingers and hands perfectly protected. I’d love to see a more breathable design in the future, but I think these are probably the best armored gloves on the market right now.

Gola Men’s Turf Cleats

YOU GUYS! These are the BEST cleats for indoor turf! My soccer cleats barely worked because the grass never gets washed well enough to get the slick grime off, and trying to wear regular tennis shoes was even worse. I did a ton of research to figure out the best cleat style for turf, found these, and OMG it’s a night and day difference. If you play on slick turf, you HAVE to try these. In fact the short cleat, round shape, and high density pattern makes them probably the best multi-surface design for paintball: great for wood structures, dirt, grass, and artificial turf!

Dye Flex Barrel Cover

If you don’t own one of these, you have no idea how nice it is to walk to the chrono and never have to worry about having an allen wrench to adjust your velocity, or even better, have to adjust it on the field! These are AWESOME.

HK Tank Thread Saver

Tank threads are fragile as f*** today. I get it, using aluminum keeps weight down, but it’s nerve-racking handling tanks nowadays. To keep your investment as undamaged as possible, I HIGHLY recommend using one of these when not playing. Having the extra o-rings on hand comes in handy too.