Here are some combinations of movements I would personally choose as well as a few circuit formats to keep workouts creative, challenging, and efficient!

Circuit 1
Movement #1 – Squat
Movement #2 – Prone
Movement #3 – Running

Circuit 2
Movement #1 – Crawling
Movement #2 – Lateral Flexion
Movement #3 – Lunge

Circuit 3
Movement #1 – Lateral Lunge
Movement #2 – Crouching
Movement #3 – Quadruped

Circuit 4
Movement #1 – Kneeling
Movement #2 – Standing
Movement #3 – Trunk Rotation

Format 1 – AMRAP
Decide the time or repetitions for each movement and simply move through each one for As Many Rounds as Possible until a 5, 10, or even 20 minute timer goes off.

Format 2 – Chipper
Select a target repetition goal for each movement (e.g. 100 Squats, 75 Pushups and 50 Plank Tucks). You can time yourself if you like, but the goal is simply to chip away at the number of reps from each movement. The order doesn’t matter, nor does the symmetry between rounds. You might do 20 – 15 – 10 the first round, but then 10 – 10 – 10 the next. You might do all 100 – 75 then 50 in that order. There is no wrong way to go about it – just get it done!

(Tip: use something to keep track of the math for each move as you go along)

Format 3 – EMOM
The standard EMOM is to allot 1 minute for each movement before moving onto the next. There’s a ton of options here:
– you can create a specific rep target during the minute and rest until the next minute starts after completing the rep goal
– you can treat each minute like a mini-AMRAP, trying to get as many reps as possible before the next minute starts (resting as needed)
– you can set the minutes to shorter or longer time intervals (:30-sec, 2 minutes, etc.)
– you can add in rest minutes (e.g. 3 minutes of work, 1 minute of rest for 16 minutes)

Tip: Use the free SmartWOD app to make setting up these timers super easy – it’ll beep to let you know when each round is starting, ending, and your music can play in the background!