Home Training Program

  • Professionally Designed
  • No equipment needed

  • 60+ exercise options
  • Covers every position
  • Learn to train yourself
  • Lifetime Membership

$30 one time

All Inclusive

Gym Training Programs

  • Professionally Designed
  • Universal gym equipment
  • 32 Weeks of Workouts

  • Covers every position
  • Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced

  • Includes TOOLLESS Program


Better Accountability

NO GOAL SHOULD BE DONE ALONE. Better Accountability gives you a weekly interaction with Coach himself where you can not only share your progress and your struggles, but you can ask questions and get advice for the upcoming week as well. Your progress will be charted on the Better Accountability page, your successes will be showcased and celebrated, and your struggles will be supported by a community of paintball peers eager to see you crush your goals, and your competition!

All for just $1 a week!

  • Publicly showcase the goal you’ve set for yourself

  • Get a weekly 1:1 checkup from Coach himself

  • See your weekly progress charted here on
  • Get supportive social shoutouts throughout your journey


Every Program

Get unlimited access to all 3 gym programs as well as the newest exercise program, Toolless, the bodyweight workout program you can do from anywhere with no tools required!

Private Forum

Ask Coach Crane all your fitness, nutrition, supplementation or injury related questions in the private forum available only to All Inclusive Members! 

Future Releases

All Inclusive members will also have access to all the upcoming programs, including Back Pain, Plantar Fasciitis, Weightloss, Behavior Change, Building Muscle, and more!

  • Unlimited access to all fitness programs

  • Better performance on the paintball field

  • Exclusive access to private community forum

  • Satisfaction and Money-back Guarantee

  • Free fitness Q&A’s with Coach Crane


From Real Paintball Players

I can’t wait to help push the program – I can see the benefits and the way the exercises are geared towards paintball players.

Another great work out. The workout left me feeling very winded but feeling fulfilled.

I feel like I am getting looser and more able to do the excercises.

The running and the lunges are killing me! In a good way

Runs are getting better I feel but I know that since I haven’t actually been running since my injury and recovery, it’ll take some time to get back in to it. Happy to have something that pushes me to do so though. Thanks!

I thought it went well definitely more out of shape that I realised tho lol. I felt very good when I finished it though and am eager for the next one tomorrow.

App is great! Straight forward, easy video access, and instructions easy to understand.


Coach Crane’s Qualifications

Coach Ben Crane
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach

  • Personal Trainer

  • CrossFit L1 Trainer

  • Back Stability Specialist
  • Nutrition Coach

  • Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • Behavior Change Specialist
  • Injury Recovery & Prevention

Coach Crane has more formal qualifications than most personal trainers have years of experience.  With 3 nationally accredited coaching certifications, 2 nutrition certifications, and twice as many formal areas of specialization awarded, you can trust that not only does Coach know what he’s doing, but that knowledge is going to translate into results in your body and on the paintball field once you start following a fitness program to help you play better paintball.


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